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POINT BLOCK PACKAGES is pleased to announce a new program to ensure guaranteed air time for your music!


Our “all-new” point system allows you to control our air time. Here’s how it works:


Our online air time has been divided into point blocks, which are available for the month. According to the amount of points in your account you are guaranteed that your song is played in rotation

Red  Package       Blue Package       Green  Package       Yellow Package


Point Block              Point Block            Radio Station             Radio Station

Package Only        Package Only      Profile Package         Profile Package

                                                                                   Bio                                    Bio

                                                                                3 pics                               3 pics

                                                                                1 Link                               2 Link

                                                                                  And                                  And

Point Block              Point Block               Point Block                    Point Block

                                                                             Package                         Package

                                          2                                   3                                         4

    Month                       Months                      Months                            Months

        30                                60                                90                                      120

   Points =                    Points =                     Points =                            Points =

   30 Plays                   60 Plays                    90 Plays                         120 Plays

      One                             One                            One                                    One

      Time                           Time                           Time                                  Time

      Cost                            Cost                           Cost                                   Cost

   $15.00                        $25.00                       $35.00                              $50.00

We will air as many songs as you would like. Ex: 30 point package = .50 per point for 30 days of airtime, the total cost for the month 15.00. Your song will play one time per day for 30 days. If you would like to air two different songs with the 30 point package it would cost (15.00 x 2) 30.00 one time cost for 30 plays for two songs for one month. Your two songs would play 30 times each for one month.


Submission is easy!


  1. Order your "Point Block Package" through our website’s secure PayPal link.

  2. Upload your song and metadata via email.

  3. Within 3 days you are on the air! is heard 24/7 Worldwide and you can be too. 


It’s all up to you!


“We are the Voice of The Independent!” reserves the right to deny airplay for submissions that are inconsistent with our program guidelines. Hate speech and explicit content projects will be rejected.


Please submit your music and artwork for submissions by sending them to

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