May, 2019


"The Voice Of The Independent"

Today's workforce has changed! Did you know that most employers allow earphone listening in the workplace? 21st Century offices no longer encourage the "sitting-on-the-desk" traditional radio. Our audience is available 8 hours per day while working to be introduced to your product, or service. Additionally, our platform allows us to reach an estimated 400,000,000 households. Digital product content or online products are perfect for this venue. Why Digital? Firstly it is easy for you to keep up with demand. Once you have set up your:

  • Music Project
  • Book
  • Product
  • Service

In a digital or online format, your initial work is complete. Lastly: You are free to concentrate on increasing your sales and exposure. That is where A M Media-Online comes in, we are here to help you reach a larger audience, but there is a catch, you must help us to help you... Tell Everyone About!

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Web Page

We are inviting Artists who don’t have an online presence to join our Artist Promo Pages in your genre.


Electronic Press Kit:

Your MP3, Professionally written Press Release, Head shot, Electronic Flier- with/live links. You wont believe the cost!


If you need more than a page, we will build Your Very Own Website! W/Domain Name & Web Hosting. We will talk about the details. 
Production Services - One Stop Shop 


With the 21st century and its innovation, come a plethora of unlimited opportunities to move your product to an previously unthinkable number of households in an virtually un-tapped market... has a worldwide focus!

Our overall brand is one of assisting and moving forward those with a voice to speak to a worldwide culture. We want to help you get your message out.

If you have a message that the world needs to hear?  We have been looking for you!

    You will be shocked when you see our rates!

We will:
  • Update your branding concept!
  • Increase your audience
  • Promote your business
  • Expose your concept
  • Run Your Video
Commercial production package includes:
  • Script writing
  • Voice overs
  • Two formats one with music and  one
     without, so that you can use your
     commercial anywhere.
  • Print or display ad design
  • 2 Brand Tags
   (light and dark background) for versatility

Let us produce your:
  • Public Service Announcements (3 min. max)
  • Radio Drop (20 sec. max)
  • Promo Production + Promo Hook-ups, we
     will match your stand-alone promo to a show
    looking for a sponsor. 

Advertise Your Books and Publications

Broadcast With Us! 

We are looking for a line-up of shows that will broaden our audience base while being the right fit for our advertisers and sponsors, so we are looking for new shows, which represent a wide range of categories,...

  • Editorials and Commentary (your view of the world)
  • Interviews (Celebrity and Notables)
  • New Artists and Music Spotlights
   (All genres - clean content)
  • Awards Shows 
  • Premiers
  • Comedy (family oriented content)
  • Ministry (Spoken Word and Kingdom Marketplace)
  • Motivation
  • Sports
  • US, UK, national and international

You may include sponsors advertisements within your show, that can or will defray the cost of your shows airtime. For example: If you purchase a 60 min. show you may include 1 commercial sponsor every 15 minutes. These spots must be placed inside your show. Please make sure that the sponsors you have chosen represent our Brand and Broadcast platform, as well.

Your ad will also be added to our Print and Digital Magazines.

Some of the new artists featured on AMMedia-Online are presented in the corresponding  Print and Digital magazines for the genre. Interviews, Photos, tour or upcoming events are spotlighted... and your Ad will be prominently displayed for additional exposure.
Broadcasting Airtime or Advertising Payments

Add the service or show you are paying for in the boxes provided on the right, then make your secure payment through PayPal

Click Here for "On The Wall" Promo, Advertising, Broadcasting, and Production Rates and Payments